The SL Sound and Mixer Libraries.

By Steve Baker


The 'SL' sound library is primarily targetted towards producing sound effects for games, and isn't really intended for playing music (although you could certainly use it for doing that). The emphasis is on low CPU impact and low latency rather than high quality and fancy MIDI/MOD facilities.

SL is a part of PLIB.

The 'SL' sound library will eventually become a fully portable freeware sound library that should run on all major platforms. Right now, SL runs under:

At present, there is no support for Apple's MacOS sound systems - although it is hoped that these will be added in the near future. It is due to the relative non-portability of the SM routines that these are in a separate library. For non-portable applications, SL and SM can be considered as a single library.

Download the Open Sound System drivers (previously known as VoxWare).

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